The series for our Climate and the Sexes Volumes i-xii

We know that the conversations surrounding family, our relationships, and sexual health are an essential piece in those of climate change, and now more than ever, as humanity faces COVID-19, we have the opportunity to cultivate, and thrive, in the "new normal."

Research Questions:

1. How do shelter-in protocols effect a population, given the circumstances of their social landscape?

2. How are different people of different social environments, embodying the uncontrollable impacts of COVID-19, and how are these embodiments changing as time goes on?

3. What sources of optimism do we (whoever participates in The Series) have for the other-side of COVID-19?

How is the climate crisis affecting our relationships and how does our sexual health play into our future? How does her and his decision help counter the destruction of our Earth, ourselves and our kin- all creation? How can the reproductive rights of the people most vulnerable to climate changed be prioritized?

Come join the dialogue - it will be broad ranging, open-ended and titillating! Touching on: feminism, the global affects of the current climate crisis, family planning, climate policies and solutions, gender reconciliation, reproductive justice, sex education, woman empowerment, equity, environmental justice, spiritual activism, sustainability, population, health, resilience and survival;

ALL in the unprecedented context of COVID-19

We know what is at stake for our world and ourselves- this is personal. This affects our identity, our lives and our future children's lives. We are investigating how we should act and be - join us in gathering, talking and interacting together for the future of our world!